Current Sermon Series

        Current Sermon Series:
                              Going Deeper with God
Deep things are fascinating:
deep caves, deep jungles, deep thoughts. Getting deeper takes a lot of dedication in order to explore them and benefit from the journey. This is especially true for God’s depths. God only reveals His deep things to those whose hearts seek Him deeply.

The problem is there are so many competing things in our lives that prevent us from going deeper with God: busyness, entertainment, disappointment and doubt. Then there is all the cultural noise and misconceptions who the God of the Bible truly is. A major culprit is our inner fears, unresolved anger and inflated egos.

How does one connect to God? What are the reliable conduits through which God pours His presence? How can I go deeper into Him and grow deeper in my faith? Those are the questions I will seek to answer from God’s Word. This series of sermons will reveal how we can overcome the obstacles and truly connect to the One Person who wishes to help us most.   — J.M.
Apr 23Part 1: “What Do You Think of God?”
Apr 30 — Part 2: “What Do You Think of God?”(cont)  Sermon Video

May 7 — Stan Gustafson’s message

May 14 — MOTHERS DAY message

May 21 — Part 3: “…Through Worship”

May 28 — Part 4: “…Through the Word”

June 4 — Part 5: “…Through Prayer”

June 11 — Part 6: “…Through John 3:16”

June 18 — FATHERS DAY message

June 25 – – Part 7: “…Through Grace”

July 2 – – Part 8: “…Through Grace” (cont)

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