When Jesus walked through Judea
He was into doing renovations.
Leper’s skin cleansed, blind eyes seeing, crippled legs jumping for joy.
But His specialty was remodeling the soul. It gives me chills to see how Christ gave messed up and messed over people a new life to live. It gives me chills to see Christ do that still. How can we have God do a personal renovation on us today?
Look very closely at the opening lines of His greatest sermon. That’s what the Turlock Church will be doing the beginning of this year – renovation by the Beattitudes design team.
Now, isn’t that just like a carpenter to see something needing repair and fix it so it’s even better than before?
          Sermon Series
                 Jan 15 — Part 1: “Real Happiness”  (Video Sermon)
               Jan 22 — Part 2: “Humility”  (Video Sermon)
               Jan 29 — Part 3: “Regret”  (Video Sermon)
               Feb 5 — Part 4: “Gentleness”  (Video Sermon)

             Feb 12 — Part 5: “Yearning”  (Video Sermon)

             Feb 19 — Part 6: “Compassion”  (Video Sermon)

             Feb 26 — Part 7: “Purity”  (Video Sermon)

             Mar 5 — Part 8: “Harmony”

             Mar 12 — Part 9: “Endurance” 

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