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This page is dedicated to sermons series targeting specific topics.
New Series are added as Preaching Minister John McCranie introduces them.
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This is a beautifully insightful series on loneliness, and what to do about it.
The Great Cardiologist
Part 1:  Spiritual Heart Disease –  (Video Sermon)     (Audio Sermon)
Part 2:  Repairing Heart Damage –  (Video Sermon)    (Audio Sermon)
Part 3:  The Lonely Heart –  (Video Sermon)    (Audio Sermon)
Part 4:  The Loneliness Cure –  (Video Sermon) p1 + (Video Sermon) p2     (Audio Sermon)
Could there be any more misunderstood teaching in all the Bible than that of baptism? The Spirit of Christ did a beautiful job of revealing it in Scripture yet is seems to be the most controverted and conflicted doctrine today. Christendom could not be more divided over baptism.
Can a common person come to their own conclusion on the matter?
Yes. This series aids the honest seeker in discovering what the Bible has always said about baptism.
Bible Baptism
WHO should be baptized (infants or believers)?

WHEN baptism is to be administered (before or after salvation)?

HOW baptism is to be done (immersion, pouring, sprinkling)?

– Today’s Reality  (Audio Sermon)
– The Gospel Truth  (Audio Sermon) 
– The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth (Audio Sermon)+(Audio Sermon)
– Yeah, But What About…   (Audio Sermon)
 Breakthrough Prayer
Part 1 – Introduction  (Video Sermon)   (Audio Sermon)
Part 2 – Praise  (Video Sermon)  (Audio Sermon)
Part 3 – Confession  (Video Sermon)  (Audio Sermon)
Part 4 – Intercession  (Video Sermon)   (Audio Sermon)
Part 5 – Petition   (Audio Sermon)
Part 6 – Thanksgiving   (Video Sermon)   (Audio Sermon)
Part 7 – Meditation   (Video Sermon)    (Audio Sermon)
The Problem
Amazing Grace
Saving Faith
 Mini Series
The Problem: Part 1  (Video Sermon)   (Audio Sermon)
The Problem: Part 2  (Video Sermon) + (Video Sermon)   (Audio Sermon)
Amazing Grace: Part 1  “The Gift of Life”   (Video Sermon)   (Audio Sermon)
Amazing Grace: Part 2  “Fall in Love with God Again”  (Video Sermon)  (Audio Sermon)
Amazing Grace: Part 3  “What We Get with Grace”  (Video Sermon)   (Audio Sermon)
Saving Faith: Part 1 “In a Land of Confusion”  (Video Sermon)   (Audio Sermon)
Saving Faith: Part 2 “Think About It”  (Video Sermon)   (Audio Sermon)
Saving Faith: Part 3 “Closer to the Heart”  (Video Sermon)   (Audio Sermon)
Saving Faith: Part 4 “In God We Trust”  (Video Sermon)   (Audio Sermon)
Saving Faith: Part 5 “It Really Works”   (Video Sermon)   (Audio Sermon)
The HDWK  Series targets basic truths which are profoundly presented to deepen our understanding of the fundamental necessities of Christianity. 
  How Do We Know
Part 1- … The Bible is Believable  (Video Sermon)   (Audio Sermon)
Part 2- … Jesus Really Died on a Cross  (Video Sermon)   (Audio Sermon)
Part 3- … The Empty Tomb is Not a Hoax  (Video Sermon)   (Audio Sermon)
Part 4- … Jesus Was Resurrected  (Video Sermon)(Video Sermon)   (Audio Sermon)
Part 5- … Jesus is God  (Video Sermon) + (Video Sermon)   (Audio Sermon)
Part 6- … Jesus Was Fully Human  (Video Sermon) + (Video Sermon)   (Audio Sermon)
Part 7- … Jesus is Lord  (Video Sermon) + (Video Sermon)   (Audio Sermon)
Part 8- … Jesus Will Return  (Video Sermon) + (Video Sermon)   (Audio Sermon)
Part 9- … Church is Necessary (part 1)  (Video Sermon)    (Audio Sermon)
Part 10- … Church is Necessary (part 2)  (Video Sermon) + (Video Sermon)   (Audio Sermon)
How does one connect to God? What are the reliable conduits through which God pours His presence? How can I go deeper into Him and grow deeper in my faith? This series of sermons will reveal how we can overcome the obstacles and truly connect to the One Person who wishes to help us most.   — J.M.
Going Deeper with God
Part 1: “What Do You Think of God?”  (Audio Sermon)
Part 2: “What Do You Think of God?” (Video Sermon)  (Audio Sermon)
Part 3: “…Through Worship”  (Video Sermon) + (Video Sermon)  (Audio Sermon)
Part 4: “…Through the Word”  (Video Sermon) + (Video Sermon)  (Audio Sermon)
Part 5: “…Through Prayer”  (Video Sermon) + (Video Sermon)  (Audio Sermon)
Part 6: “…Through John 3:16”  (Video Sermon)  (Audio Sermon)
Part 7: “…Through Grace”  (Video Sermon)  (Audio Sermon)
Part 8: “…Through Grace” (cont)  (Audio Sermon)
When Jesus walked through Judea
He was into doing renovations.
Leper’s skin cleansed, blind eyes seeing, crippled legs jumping for joy.
But His specialty was remodeling the soul. How can we have God do a personal renovation on us today?
Fixer Upper
Part 1: “Real Happiness”  (Video Sermon)  (Audio Sermon)
Part 2: “Humility”  (Video Sermon)  (Audio Sermon)
Part 3: “Regret”  (Video Sermon)  (Audio Sermon)
Part 4: “Gentleness”  (Video Sermon)  (Audio Sermon)
Part 5: “Yearning”  (Video Sermon)  (Audio Sermon)
Part 6: “Compassion”  (Video Sermon)  (Audio Sermon)
Part 7: “Purity”  (Video Sermon)  (Audio Sermon)
Part 8: “Harmony”  (Audio Sermon)
Part 9: “Endurance”   (Audio Sermon)
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