About the Church of Christ

The Churches of Christ are autonomous Christian congregations
associated with one another through common beliefs and practices.
We seek to base doctrine and practice on the Bible alone
and consider ourselves the modern decedents of
the church found in the New Testament.
Historically, Churches of Christ in the United States have roots in the American Restoration Movement, and were recognized as a distinct religious group by the U.S. Religious Census of 1906.
The Restoration Movement began on the American frontier during the Second Great Awakening of the early 19th century under the leadership of Thomas and Alexander Campbell, Walter Scott, and Barton W. Stone.
Those leaders had declared their independence from their Presbyterian roots, seeking a fresh start to restore the New Testament church, and abandoning creeds.
They did not see themselves as establishing a new church. Rather, the movement sought the restoration of the church and “the unification of all Christians in a single body patterned after the church of the New Testament.”
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