Historical Turlock

The Church of Christ has been meeting in Turlock since about 1910.
That year, Ben F. Rude, Harmon Covey, R. Fanning and Mrs. McConnell began meeting in one of their homes for worship. On July 4, 1911, they started meeting in the old Rose Lawn School building. The following year they were joined by W.M. Frank Chappell and the Milton Pope family. E.C. Love held the first Gospel meeting that year.
About 1916 or 1917 they moved into a Building on the site of the present fairgrounds. Then to a larger building on A Street in what is now the parking lot for Bethel Temple. They then moved their meeting place to a building located at the end of S. Broadway and D Streets. In 1956 they moved to 627 Canal Drive (the present site of Winton, Ireland, Strom & Green Insurance offices). They met there until the late 1980?s. The congregation has been worshiping at its present location, 801 N. Tully Rd., since April of 1991.
Some of the Evangelists who held meetings early in the Turlock Church’s history were:
C.R. Nichol
Steve Settle
J.J. Hogan
E.M. Borden
E.A. Harper
Ernest Harper
Ernest Beam
J.E. Wainwright
E.R. Hartsell
J.C. Hollis
Roy H. Lanier
W.S. Irvine
Clint Lovelady
Everett Evans,
E.R. Garretson
Sherman Cannon
Jimmy Tolle
The following men served as full-time ministers until the 1960s:
Will Kirk
J.A. Craig
Jack Bates
Ruben Porter
Walter Dobbs
L.K. Gordon
Monroe Craig
E.R. Garretson
Tom Wilmeth
Vernon Morris
Jesse Stephens
W.E. McNeely
Guy Click
J.D. Bates
Earl Packwood
A.J. Hindrix
Since 1960
the following men have served as preachers:
1961-62 … Charles Fuller
1962-64 … Haugh Ausley
1965-66 … Preston Winchell
1966-71 … Eldon Lewis
1971-73 … Joe Sturgeon
1973-74 … David Allen
1974-76 … Lawson Mayo
1976-80 … Richard Jordan
1980-83 … Steven Orduno
1983-93 … Bill Watts
1993-99 … Jerry Edwards
2000-07 … Derek Overstreet
2009 … Mike Soto
2010-16 … J. Daniel Walker
2016-Present … John McCranie
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