Turlock Church of Christ Minister
John McCranie
Preaching Minister
Born of alcoholic parents, John had a difficult childhood. While growing up, no one in his life was a Christian. By the age of eighteen he too had become addicted to alcohol and drugs. He joined the Coast Guard to get away from home. It was then that his substance abuse worsened. After hitting bottom, he went into an Alcohol Rehabilitation Center based on the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. It was then he stopped being an atheist and worked hard on his sobriety.
Months later he was given a Bible. He soon was reading it daily, attending worship services and after being taught the gospel, was baptized into Christ in 1980. His desire for drink was replaced with a desire to help others experience the power of God. This passion lead him to the Preston Road School of Preaching, in Dallas, TX, for his ministerial training. For more than 29 years John has ministered in churches in Texas, California and Arizona and has an active speaking schedule throughout the Western U.S. where he preaches in lectureships, seminars and retreats. He specializes in recovery ministry and church growth.
Becky graciously married John 33 years ago in their hometown of Sacramento, CA. God has blessed them with two wonderful sons, John and Matt, who live in Phoenix and Seattle respectively. The McCranie family believe that God has called them to minister to people in Turlock in order that they might become that which Jesus intends them to be. Their deepest desire is to motivate hearts and watch people become transformed by the Spirit of Christ and His Word.
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